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Tally hoo!

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Tally hoo!

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1 Tally hoo! on 3/5/2011, 5:51 pm



The sixth time I've introduced myself using the tally hoo title. XD

Well, I was browsing the Ego One forums, without really bothering to log in. Then I noticed the announcement linking to this forum, opened it up..
.. And waited loong for it to load. Tongue

But, when it finally had loaded, I was amazed by the forum's design. The forum's purpose matched me perfectly - tweaking Forumotion.

So I decided to sign up, and after waiting even longer for the site to load, I filled out the forms - just to know my passwordz didn't match Sour

But finally I managed to get everything right, and here I am!

Nuff said, time for showing off my skills! Big Grin
I can code HTML, CSS, jQuery and some javascript. I've also tried some graphics, but it's really not me :

About this foru's purpose matching me perfect. Yes, it does! I've created quite some Forumotion phpBB3 tweaks, which I might share here. That includes an category toggler, and.. more stuff. Intrested? Smile

Well, I guess that's enough - and pretty much!

2 Re: Tally hoo! on 3/5/2011, 6:27 pm



Welcome aboard! Stick around. Wink

3 Re: Tally hoo! on 3/5/2011, 7:15 pm



Thanks, Ronny! Mind if I call you that? Nah.. Ronin's cooler Tongue
I will surely stick around Smile

4 Re: Tally hoo! on 3/5/2011, 7:44 pm



Call me what you wish. Tongue
You said you've made some graphics, have you kept any? Do you have anything you can show?

5 Re: Tally hoo! on 3/5/2011, 7:49 pm



I do have some Tongue

6 Re: Tally hoo! on 3/5/2011, 10:20 pm

LH Justin

Welcome to Creative Nation! Glad you like the design. Wink


7 Re: Tally hoo! on 3/6/2011, 2:54 am



Yo, buddy. Welcome to Creative Nation.


8 Re: Tally hoo! on 4/23/2011, 8:37 am



welcome here!

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