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Forum Rules

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1 Forum Rules on 3/4/2011, 6:10 pm

LH Justin

LH Justin
Forum Rules

The rules and regulations of the Creative Nation forum.

1.) No spamming.

2.) No ridiculous amounts of profanity. Can be used in small doses.

3.) No arguing with staff, ever, about anything. If you are having trouble with a staff member then please PM LH Justin.

4.) No moderating other members, just leave it to the staff, it's their job.

5.) Respect other members. That means no insults, bashing artwork, or any other kind of confrontation. If you are having issues with another member please contact a member of the staff.

6.) Please do not post excessively in color, bold, or italics. It gets annoying and we sometimes use these features as moderation tools. You can still use these options, just don't go overboard with it.

7.) No illegal download links or illegal activity. We only support legal and legit methods of obtaining software here. If you stole Photoshop, keep it to yourself.

8.) No adult content. You can use women in your artwork and what not, but please, no pornographic material.

9.) No ripping. Ripping is claiming someone else's artwork as your own. We will not tolerate this at all and will result in an automatic ban.

Warning Bars

Warning bars are our way of judging your character here. If you get warned four times then you are banned. Breaking the rules stated above are a quick way to get there. Below are the warning bars so you can see what color means what.

- No Warnings
- One Warning
- Two Warnings
- Three Warnings
- Four Warnings (Ban)


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