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Extremely Impressed

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Extremely Impressed

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1 Extremely Impressed on 8/26/2011, 4:05 pm



Well after much careful consideration, I might just remove my blockade of sorts to allow for more Forumotion-based affiliates. Creative Nation would be one of the two I have my eye on. Wink

Anyway, skipping past that little drop off, my name is Paul and I'm more of a blogger than a web designer. I have a knack for graphic design here and there, though, and I'm currently assisting a friend of mine with designing a theme for a vBulletin board. Let me tell yeah, if you thought Forumotion was hard to work with, try diving into vB's admin panel. That place is a freaking mess! Wow!

Other than personal blogging, most of time is taken up by a deployment I'm currently on (I have a profession in the military, but you can learn more about that on my blog). I'm also working on a podcast with my online co-worker (Jesse) and am currently developing an advanced text-based RPG.

Let the questions and welcomes begin. Cool


2 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/26/2011, 5:47 pm


Welcome to CN. Also who ever says Forumotion Admin UI is hard to use then they have a problem. It is TO easy in my opinion. phpbb's interface is way better.

Anyways I won't get into it lol.

3 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/27/2011, 7:30 am



Welcome to Creative Nation. I gotta agree that FM Admin UI is one of the most user-friendly panels of the many hosting sites.


4 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/27/2011, 4:43 pm



No no, not the Admin panel; I'm talking about the difficulty in editing the site... Getting it [Forumotion] to do what you want it to. No room for ingenuity. No space for true synthetics. All you can do are a few modifications with the aide of off-site hosted files and a bit of skilled CSS.

vBulletin on the other hand gives you the capability to do... well... practically anything, but it's unbelievably complicated. Forumotion sucks in terms of flexibility, even if it is easy to navigate. My original comment was geared more towards the less, shall I say, technically-inclined users. If they took one glance vB's var templates, I'm afraid they would fall over backward into a shock-induced comma.

Don't get me wrong, though, I can definitely work a vB board; but that doesn't mean I don't get headaches every once and while in the process of doing so.


5 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/27/2011, 5:20 pm



Welcome ! Smile

6 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/27/2011, 11:30 pm



I see. I've never attempted vBulletin cause it costs and I don't have my own income.


7 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/28/2011, 4:03 am



Hello and welcome Paul,
I gotta say vBulletin is fairly easy to make comply, personally tho my favourite is IP.Board, if you ever need any one to test/help out tho just ask Smile

~Dan Smile

8 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/28/2011, 3:26 pm


Well obviously you are going with a free host for a forum so you will have restrictions. If it were phpbb then you could do whatever the hell you want. I agree with you on the fact that forumotion restricts the customization way to much but I guess if you are really good at CSS & JS then you can make your forum semi decent. Of course I am not that great with JS so I struggle to make a bit more complex layouts.

Also vBulletin is awesome.. there are places where you can get a nulled copy and I know two places where but I won't mention.

9 Re: Extremely Impressed on 8/31/2011, 1:18 am



Welcome to Creative Nation, where you seem to know what you're talking about. Tongue

10 Re: Extremely Impressed on 9/5/2011, 11:27 am

LH Justin

He survived. Laughing


11 Re: Extremely Impressed on 9/5/2011, 2:30 pm



Welcome to Creative Nation.


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